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Building Maintenance: Services

All necessary repairs, specifically for a technical service within your company; ranging from repairing a defective latch, an office chair to loose-lying tiles. We do all these kinds of odd jobs. Call on a professional handyman and have the necessary repairs carried out within your company by a real BMS professional.

Electrical problems
Our specialists can also carry out various electrical works for your company: conceal cables, secure / replace loose sockets / replacements, etc.
And you can also use our electricians for repairing / installing electrical lines, connections or light points, for example. We can also provide your extension (s) with electricity.

Sanitary problems
Whether you are looking for someone to install your plumbing, to solve a temporary problem (leaking faucet, clogged pipes, problem with the water supply, etc.) or for a quick breakdown, BMS takes care of a plumber. A skilled technician who is happy to solve all this for you.

The quality of your paint work makes or breaks your business space. Our professional painters therefore always work with the utmost care. Are you looking for someone to paint a few spaces or for a longer period? We can even help you with paintwork on a regular basis. At BMS you can always count on flexible, orderly and punctual professionals.


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